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Botanical’s for Gin. Want to find out more?

Botanical's to flavour Gin Gin is a neutral based spirit, and the seeds, herbs, fruits and berries that are added during the distilling phase are known as botanical's. There are hundreds of botanical's to choose from, it is sometimes best to start with the most common, such as Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds and Cardamom pods [...]

Turmeric Smoothie Recipe – Spice of the Week

Turmeric Smoothie How about starting the weekend with a healthy turmeric smoothie, Then if it all goes downhill from then on, you can still say you’ve been good this weekend without telling any porkies. All you need is Carrots, Banana, Pineapple, Turmeric, Lemon, Ginger & Water 1 large banana (peeled) 435gm tin of pineapple chunks […]

Turmeric – Spice of the Week

Ground Turmeric (Haldi) BENEFICIAL EFFECTS Used for centuries in India and China, haldi is known to have a surprisingly wide range of properties that help with healing and good health. A pinch of turmeric mixed in a cup of hot milk is a popular nuskha or home remedy to fight a cold. Dabbed on an [...]

Is Rum the new Gin? Not on my watch!

.“Best ideas come while sipping rum” ― Pavol Kazimir Rum and I Oh dear, I could tell you some stories about me and Rum. We have a long history. Rum and I have travelled the world and unfortunately we weren't compatible travel partners. Firstly let me explain. I love Rum, but it doesn't love me. [...]

Street Food

How many times have you uttered "I wish I had another pair of hands"? If I had been given a pound for every time I'd heard that sentence, then I wouldn't be sitting here in a warehouse in North Shields, I would be on that beach, sipping an ice cold drink, in beautiful sunshine, without [...]

Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients  “Even just a few spices or ethnic condiments that you can keep in your pantry can turn your mundane dishes into a culinary masterpiece”.  Marcus Samuelsson Cooking is a real pleasure that can be enjoyed by everyone and with the addition of some well blended herbs and spices, the flavours you can create [...]

British Street Food Festivals 2019

Street Food Festivals At last spring is here and the British Street Food festivals are now gathering pace, All winter we have been looking at different ingredient and packaging options to suit the different needs of street food traders. The British Street Food Industry The British Street Food industry is growing at a rate of [...]

Juniper Berries, for food and drink recipes

When is a Berry not a Berry? When its a Juniper Berry!! A Juniper Berry is actually the female seed cone, so although it is produced by the various species of Junipers, It is not a true berry, but a cone. It is mainly used as a spice, particularly in European Cuisine and of course [...]

Takeaway Food – The UK’s favourite foods

Takeaway Food – UK’s Favourite Foods A Channel 5 documentary has ranked the Britain’s favourite takeaway options, and the results are surprising. This is the full list of UK’s top 20 takeaways as reported by Channel 5, and with the average of 12 takeaways being purchased per person per month, that amounts to a lot […]