Juniper Berries, for food and drink recipes

Juniper Berries, for food and drink recipes

When is a Berry not a Berry?

When its a Juniper Berry!!

A Juniper Berry is actually the female seed cone, so although it is produced by the various species of Junipers, It is not a true berry, but a cone. It is mainly used as a spice, particularly in European Cuisine and of course Gin!

What do Juniper Berries taste like?

Because Juniper is a cone, it tastes piney, with a hint of citrus and it imparts a sharp clear flavour. This is why its a winner when added to meat dishes, especially game meats. Its also equally popular in vegetarian dishes.

How do we use them?

Juniper Berries can be crushed with a pestle, or added whole. It depends how strong you want the flavour! There are some great recipes available, but we would love you to post your recipes to our contacts page and we will put our favourites on our website and social media pages.

What about Craft Spirits?

For all of the craft spirit producers, we have a range of botanical’s including Coriander Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Star Anise and Juniper Berries. All available in various pack sizes.

For samples please leave a message on on our contacts page.

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