Is Rum the new Gin? Not on my watch!

Is Rum the new Gin? Not on my watch!

.“Best ideas come while sipping rum”
Pavol Kazimir

Rum and I

Oh dear, I could tell you some stories about me and Rum. We have a long history. Rum and I have travelled the world and unfortunately we weren’t compatible travel partners.

Firstly let me explain. I love Rum, but it doesn’t love me. I often suspected that we weren’t best friends in my teenage years, but my suspicions were definitely confirmed on a holiday to the Dominican Republic, and if you want to know more you’ll have to ask me.

Maybe it was the beautiful golden hues of the drink that attracted me, but I remember that smooth almost syrupy taste and I can remember tasting the wonderful spices and fruit, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, and because of this I can understand why Rum is becoming more and more popular.

Rum  or Gin? whatever your favourite, the UK’s largest Gin and Rum Festival Tour is coming to Newcastle in May and Manchester in August. So something to suit both tastes. I will be sticking firmly with the Gin.

Craft Spirits

Research shows that almost half of people are drinking less, but are choosing higher quality spirits when they do. The exciting thing is, the Craft Spirit producers are choosing to add some fantastic flavours to their produce.

Molasses for Rum can be produced from Jaggery, Whilst Gin is a spirit that is derived predominantly from Juniper Berries. However both spirits can have an abundance of spices added, to produce amazing flavours, with or without mixers.

One thing I have learnt from talking to craft spirit producers, is that their craft is practised with love and passion for the products that they are distilling.

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