Botanical’s for Gin. Want to find out more?

Botanical’s for Gin. Want to find out more?

Botanical’s to flavour Gin

Gin is a neutral based spirit, and the seeds, herbs, fruits and berries that are added during the distilling phase are known as botanical’s.

There are hundreds of botanical’s to choose from, it is sometimes best to start with the most common, such as Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds and Cardamom pods and then as you grow more confident you can choose and experiment with different flavours. The Gin Foundry has some brilliant information about Gin’s key ingredients.

You could really impress with your skills as a true mixologist at parties or a BBQ with friends by trying the following recipe.

  • Make sure the Gin glass is cold by filling the glass half full with ice.
  • Strain out any excess water
  • Add your chosen botanical’s
  • Flavour the rim of the glass by rubbing it with a slice of lemon and drop the lemon slice into the glass
  • Add the Gin
  • Add the tonic
  • Give the drink a stir
  • Pop in a paper cocktail straw and serve.

Its great fun to experiment with different flavours for example adding Star Anise will give a liquorice twist. Cinnamon is perfect paired with orange peel, for a more floral, delicate taste try Rose Petals, or to really vamp up the citrus flavours add some more Juniper Berries and Coriander Seeds.

If you want to be prepared in advance, you can always add the botanical’s to the bottle of Gin.

  • Gently crush the Berries or Seeds to release the flavour
  • Pop them into the bottle (Not too many, otherwise you will overpower the taste of the Gin)
  • Leave for 2-3 days for the flavours to develop
  • Make sure you sieve the Gin before serving.

Summer is here, what better way to have fun in the sun, than to come up with some adventurous combinations to flavour  your Gin or Vodka. But remember to drink responsibly.






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